The Top 10 Binge Drinking Getaways

Many vacationers love to make the most of their time off work or college. This is completely understandable when you consider how much leisure time we actually get away from the stresses and strains of modern society. Some like to cut loose, especially those in the under-thirty age bracket. The there is always the hen and stag nights associated with weddings. Increasing numbers of stags and hens choose to spend a weekend away too. As a result, binge drinking getaways have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Here is a quick guide to the cream of the binge drinking getaway crop.

  1. Prague: This destination is perfect for binge drinking, with a pitcher of beer costing roughly $1! It is an extremely cheap city to drink in, and accommodation is of a high standard for an exceptionally reasonable price. The Ibis Old Town Hotel is one of them, offering the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable and located within walking distance of the bars.
  2. Amsterdam: Amsterdam has a variety of bars and cafes that are all primarily drinking establishments. Although the prices are extortionate in some places, there are some smaller sidewalk bars that offer alcohol at very low prices. Many of the hotels are located in the centre of the city and within stumbling distance of the bars. Try the Albus Grand Hotel for a luxurious but affordable stay and immediate access to the watering holes of Amsterdam.
  3. Blackpool: The Royal York hotel in Blackpool is perhaps one of the cheapest but best hotels around if you are looking for the ideal location for a binge drinking weekend. The hotel is next to the fantastic nightlife district. Blackpool is full of bars and nightclubs that provide great drinks prices and offers and, as a result, is a popular destination for hen and stag weekends.
  4. Ibiza: This destination needs very little introduction. It is renowned for its all-night club parties in the summer, which attract binge drinkers from all over the globe. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable weekend of partying or a longer break, Ibiza offers the complete package. El Puerto Hotel is in a prime location for a binge drinking getaway. It is right in the heart of Ibiza town and welcomes travellers who party at night and sleep in the day.
  5. Dublin: The Irish are renowned for their ability to drink, so it comes as no surprise that Dublin is one of the top 10 destinations for binge drinking. Many hotels are located in the city centre, but none as reasonably priced at the Mespil Hotel. It is right in the city centre and offers good rooms and facilities for guests without restricting your ability to drink and have a good time!
  6. Cancun: The heart of Mexico and a spring break haven, Cancun offers an excellent range of bars and clubs, as well as providing a range of places to stay. The Solymar hotel is one of them. It is situated next to the nightlife and offers high quality facilities at an extremely cheap price, considering its location. If you want to drink and be merry, as well as meet new people who are looking for the same things as you from their vacation, Cancun is the place to be.
  7. Negril: Jamaica is renowned for itís easy going lifestyle, but is should be more well known for its measures of alcohol. If you are looking to get drunk, then the amount of rum in any drink here should be enough to entice you to the resort. Rondel Village Negril hotel is a short distance from the nightlife but offers a quiet retreat for the morning after hangover.
  8. Corfu: Corfu is perfect for a quieter binge drinking weekend than the other destinations listed. The town is more easygoing but just as cheap as Cancun and Negril. The Bretagne Hotel is located in the heart of the town but is considered budget accommodation. This does not reflect the facilities available. It is a short walk to the bars and clubs, if a little bit further when you are stumbling to your bed at the end of the night.
  9. Sydney: Located in Australia, Sydney offers the perfect combination of sun, sea and alcohol for any binge drinking weekend. You can combine all three if you wish. Hotels like the The Westin Sydney are perfect for binge drinking weekends because they appreciate the fun that most individuals are looking for in a binge drinking getaway.
  10. Tenerife: A long-established fun vacation destination that is perfect for binge drinking, Tenerife offers a wide variety of clubs and bars to suit all tastes. It is also nice and cheap for those on a budget. Accommodation, such as the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel, markets itself towards the younger binge drinkers out there and offers great value for money.

Wherever you choose to go for a binge drinking weekend, the top 10 will surely create memorable experiences for all tourists. They cater for alcoholic ventures and offer great prices to boot!

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