Things To See In Florence Italy

Florence Italy is in the Tuscany region about midway between Milan to the north and Rome to the South. During the Renaissance, Florence was the center of art, politics and intellectual thought. The city is the biggest tourist attraction in the region with plenty to see and do. The city is small enough to walk to most places, but offers many attractions to keep you interested for weeks.

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Things To See And Do In Torrevieja, Spain

Alicante, the second largest city in the Valencia Province in Spain, is a major tourist attraction. There is no end to sightseeing on your vacation in this region. More than six million tourists each year find the Costa Blanca, where Alicante is located, a perfect spot for vacation. Most of them fly into Alicante airport and enjoy staying right in the city, and then taking excursions in the surrounding area.

Right in Alicante, you can visit many museums and historic build…

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Things To See And Do In Durham For The Nature Enthusiast

With an endless list of fascinating things to see and do, itís not surprising that Durham gets an astounding 5.2 million visitors every year. Most of them come to experience the wealth of nature and science activities that this amazing city offers.

Youíd need to spend more than a day to take in everything at The Museum of Life and Science, an innovative, state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor, science-technology centre.

The Explore the Wildí exhibit at this museum takes…

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Things To Take With You On Your Adventure Holiday

If you have never been on an adventure holiday before, then you may be wondering exactly what it is that you need to pack. Obviously it will all depend entirely upon which type of adventure travel you are partaking in, but there are some general items that you should never forget no matter what you are doing.

Preparing For Adventure Travel Holidays

The first thing that you should do before anything else, is write down a list of what you need to take. This is something …

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Things To Remember When You Go On A Cruise

As is the case with all vacations, there are some safety risks that you should keep in mind when you go away on your dream cruise. Considering not only your own safety but also the safety of your family members is a must that will ensure that you will get the most out of your vacation. Many shut their front door behind them and the thought of anything going wrong never crosses their mind, but the truth is that people can get hurt when things go wrong. It’s not fun to think ab…

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Things To Enjoy In San Francisco

San Francisco offers a wide variety of attractions for the locals, visitors and tourists. The possibility of things to do in the city seems to be endless. However, the ìTop Things to doî in San Francisco involves visits at the waterfront, around town, and on the cityís ocean and bay fronts.

One spectacular sight at the Waterfront of San Francisco is the ìGolden Gate Bridgeî the most photographed sight in the world. It stretches 4,200 feet with a towering height compared to…

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